Thursday, 22 January 2015 11:42

Music duo moves to the Huon Valley

Husband and wife duo, Tiffany Eckhardt and Dave Steel have brought their musical talents to the Huon Valley to share. (PS) J Husband and wife duo, Tiffany Eckhardt and Dave Steel have brought their musical talents to the Huon Valley to share. (PS) J
Dynamic trio of the Folk/blues/roots Australian music scene, this husband and wife team, Tiffany Eckhardt and Dave Steel, have recently released their brand new album “Big Big Sky”.
Originally based in Victoria’s rural southwest, Tiffany and Dave have moved to the Huon Valley and their new album has recently been featured as ‘Album Of The Week’ on ABC radio Tasmania. 
This year, they are launching their new album, “Big Big Sky” along with their recently released ‘Best Of’ album, ‘Think About You’, featuring favourite songs and previously unreleased live tracks. 
Their music is inspired by the landscape and by the joys and challenges of family life and life as artists. The songs are sometimes soulful and sentimental, sometimes just plain fun. 
Tiffany and Dave will charm you with their stories and songs. 
And commencing in March, Tiffany is putting together a new singing group in Franklin.
“It is mainly just for fun, just for anyone who loves to sing,” said Tiffany.
The group will learn rounds, singing in parts, world music, gospel and folk songs, just a little bit of everything.
Tiffany is an award winning songwriter; she has written and recorded seven successful independent releases. 
As a songwriter and performer, she has been adopted by the folk/roots, festival scene in Australia as a firm favourite, receiving rave reviews and radio airplay across the country. 
In recent years she has also been directing choirs and teaching and facilitating singing and ukulele ensembles as well as home-educating her two children.
Dave Steel is a blues man, a songwriter/producer and multi instrumentalist.
He has been writing songs and making albums for the past 20 years. 
Dave has played and toured with some of Australia’s best known artists including Weddings Parties Anything, Archie Roach, Kasey Chambers, and Kavisha Mazzella to name a few. 
Dave has also been working as a mentor to up and coming musicians, coaching, producing and recording their music in his home studio. 
For further information on Tiffany’s new singing group in Franklin or more about the duo, call Tiffany at 0409 896 877 or visit