Another opportunity to grab a good book

Another opportunity to grab a good book
With the help of his parents Sally and Phil, six-year-old Hugh Millington-Schwan of Crabtree is helping to spread a love of literacy in his local community.
The Millington-Schwans have built a new Street Library at their gate in Sharpes Road, Crabtree, where you can take a book, leave a book and share a book. 
“People often pass our gate on bikes, on horses and on foot, so we have had great feedback about our little library,” said Mrs Millington-Schwan.
“You can find it if you turn right off Crabtree Road into Sharpes Road and go across the bridge. 
“If you are quiet you might even spot the platypus in the river!”
The library is one of 63 Tasmanian community street libraries registered at and one of seven in the Huon Valley.
The Street Library movement is an invitation to share the joy of reading with your community, the organisation says, “let your community benefit from the joy of books.
The libraries are a symbol of trust and collaboration - a tiny vestibule of literary generosity.”