Athletics carnival completed ahead of COVID shut down

Athletics carnival completed ahead of COVID shut down

Huonville High School (HHS) held its annual athletics carnival across two days last week, luckily scraping in ahead of the coronavirus shut down of all school activities.

Students competed across a wide range of track and field events, with the 1500 metre race held separately on a class-by-class basis in order to keep timing manageable.

HHS Health and Physical Education teacher Richard Cowlard reported that participation in events was excellent.

“A special mention must go out to all the new Grade 7s, as their grade was well represented throughout the two days,” said Mr Cowlard.

There were also some outstanding individual performances on display, including from Lucy Job in the Year 7 Girls division, Kaleb Reddy from the Year 8 Boys, Brady Marthick from the Year 8 Girls, Zac Burgess from the Year 9 Boys, Mollie Ford from the Year 9 Girls, and Zarian Simcox from the Year 10 Boys.

The 2020 interschool athletics carnival has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.