Get bushfire ready

Get bushfire ready

As we move into warmer and drier months, Huon Valley residents are reminded to be pre- pared for the upcoming summer bushfire season.

The Franklin Volunteer Fire Brigade hosted a Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods drop in session at the Franklin Palais Theatre last Wednesday, December 2, supported by Selina Young from the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) Community Development and Education Team, who brought down various resources for the community to utilise when making their bushfire ready plan.

TFS District Officer Stuart Males said that it was about reinforcing the basics, being mentally and physically prepared if you decide to stay and defend, or, if you are going to leave, be prepared to leave early, with important documents and other essentials pre-packed to avoid a last minute scramble.

“After the Geeveston fires, everyone had it front of mind, but as time goes past, other priorities in life take over,” said Officer Males.

“But it’s really important to put in the basic preparation at the beginning of the season.”

Officer Males said that, while Tasmania is not expecting a severe fire season this year, there will undoubtedly be fires break out during the drier months.

“Our strategy is weight of attack, to get aircraft in quickly and as many crews onto it as soon as possible and keep it small,” said Officer Males.

“You might expend a few thousand dollars on a given day, but it’s better than the tens of thou- sands or hundreds of thousand dollars that it would cost over two weeks to try and rein it in.” Property owners should be preparing their land for the season while staying aware that any fires lit for abatement will remain active for a number of weeks and should be closely monitored in volatile conditions.

The TFS has declared a state-wide fire permit period, which started on Friday, December 4.

Officer Males said that the declaration of the fire permit period is not designed to discourage people from burning, but to ensure burns occur when the conditions are safest and reduce the likelihood of fires escaping.

Permits also allow the TFS to monitor fires in the landscape during expected spikes in fire danger. Huon Valley residents are urged to stay vigi- lant and, if a fire does get out of control, to call Triple Zero (000) immediately, so emergency services can respond and keep the community safe.

For information on how to obtain a fire permit, call 1800 000 699 or visit