Huon Rowing Club

Huon Rowing Club

The 2021 Tasmanian School Championships were held at the Lake Barrington International Rowing Course last weekend.

At this regatta, and several lead-in events, athletes represent their school.

Patrick Robbie and Julian Wynter, who represent the Huon Rowing Club (HRC) at the State Pennant series were rowing for Hobart College (Patrick) and Huonville High (Julian).

At the Tasmanian School Championships, heats are held on Saturday and finals on Sunday. Patrick and Julian, who are State Champions in their age group in the double scull, won their heat of the Under 16 Schoolboys double.

In the final the following day they had a close race, winning by less than four seconds from a strong Launceston Grammar crew.

Patrick and Julian both won their heats of the Under 16 Schoolboys single scull and in the final of this event on Sunday, Patrick won, with Julian in third place, less than a second behind the second-placed rower.

While the boys don’t get much opportunity to row in larger crew boats, they teamed up with rowers from New Town High and Dominic Col- lege to compete in the Under 16 Schoolboys eight, and made it into the final where they finished a creditable third, behind crews from Scotch Oakburn and Launceston Grammar, who would have been training together all season.

A good effort from Patrick and Julian and their coach, Paul Newbon.

Also competing at this regatta, were the Fiedler brothers, Jakob and Charlie, who were representing Hutchins.

The boys competed in a lot of events, including singles, doubles, quads, fours and eights.

Charlie’s best event was the Under 14 Coxed Quad, where he and his crew finished second in the final.

Jakob was third in his heat of the Under 16 Schoolboy single scull and he and his crew made the final of the Under 16 Schoolboys Coxed Four.

HRC members are eagerly awaiting the Australian National Championships and Interstate Regatta which is to be held at Lake Barrington International Rowing Course for the first time in many years.

This regatta will be held from March 22 to March 28, and will be an opportunity to see the best of Australia’s rowing talent, with members from the National Rowing Squads, including several current World Champions competing.

At the end of the regatta, states compete in the interstate races, such as the King’s and Queen’s Cup and the Victoria Cup, which Tasmania will be defending this year.

The HRC will be well-represented at this regatta with a strong contingent of athletes, coaches, supporters and volunteers.