Going purple

Going purple

Huonville Primary School was brightened up with splashes of purple on Tuesday, August 10 for Purple Day for epilepsy awareness.

The day marked the third and final step for Huonville Primary in becoming an ‘Epilepsy Smart School’, after completing a current Epilepsy Management Plan for epileptic students and educating teachers on epilepsy.

Huonville Primary School nurse, Emma Middleton, said that while the school’s celebration of Purple Day was a little late, typically celebrated in March, the day worked well as it allowed the school to complete the other steps necessary for the ‘Epilepsy Smart School’ accreditation.

“Purple Day is basically held to raise awareness about safety and to reduce the stigma of epilepsy and help people understand what epilepsy is and how to help people who have epilepsy,” Ms Middleton explained.

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