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Seeing the forest for the trees

Seeing the forest for the trees

Deep in the mountains guarding Waterloo and Surges Bay, a quiet protest has begun among locals.

The Mount Tongatabu area, once charred by the raging bushfires in 2019, has been earmarked for logging by Sustainable Timbers Tasmania as part of its three year wood production plan.

However, concerned residents are unwilling to let its green neighbour be felled and are putting up a fight to keep it standing.

One such resident is Linda Cockburn, who began the public Facebook page Mount Tongatabu to provide a space for locals to vent their frustrations

while also hoping to organise and rally the community into protecting this vital plot of land.

“Too often we hear of environmental atrocities and can only listen and watch on, knowing we are too far away to be on the ground, to help,” Ms Cockburn explained.

“We live here and we owe it to the mountain to fight for it.”

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