Forest Home closes the loop

Forest Home closes the loop

Huon Aquaculture is serious when it states it works to remain at the forefront of the aquaculture industry.

Its Forest Home Hatchery in Judbury is testament to this.

Construction of the $35 million site began in 2014, with egg incubation commencing in late 2015 and the first fish going to sea in June 2016.

The hatchery uses the Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS), meaning that it provides the best growing conditions for fish while also having a minimal environmental footprint.

The Huon News was invited on a tour of the Forest Home Hatchery facilities by Huon Aquaculture to see the ins and outs of egg and salmon production before fish head out to sea.

The tour begins with the first step in the hatchery process; the incubation rooms.

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