Port Huon Progress for the community

Port Huon Progress for the community

During the Port Huon Progress Association’s (PHPA) monthly Crop Swap on Sunday, June 19, at Shipwrights Point, the PHPA expressed its hope for a more collaborative community.

PHPA President and Crop Swap Cofounder Jessica Hoverman said that activities like the Crop Swap are part of the PHPA’s broader aim to bring the community together while also magnifying the community’s voice.

“The Crop Swaps are a great event for bringing people together and obviously helping to bridge a gap in produce in the Huon Valley community,” Ms Hoverman explained.

“Yet, they also provide opportunities for people to be together and be social.

“This Crop Swap had over 40 visitors, each of whom were involved in discussion which we hope will carry on after today.

“Social isolation is a big issue in a community as big as the Huon and something we hope to alleviate with a regular program of events from the PHPA.”