Anniversary of Friday Night Games

Anniversary of Friday Night Games

Image: Lance Ryan, a regular in the Friday Night Games program and owner of Oxymoron Games, teaches one of his boardgame creations to participants.

The Huon Valley Hub held the birthday celebrations to envy all birthdays last Friday night, honouring the first year anniversary of the Friday Night Games youth program. 

The Friday Night Games program has become a much-welcomed part of the Huon Valley Hub, with youth around the Valley flocking to the centre every fortnight on a Friday. 

These passionate individuals all unite in a friendly atmosphere based around one sole focus; tabletop games. 

The games aren’t your typical Scrabble and Cluedo however, with the likes of intricate strategy games such as Warhammer and Magic, fan favourites for those who attend the program. 

The program has increased over time, due in part to its relaxed, fun, and friendly atmosphere, described Huon Valley Council (HVC) Youth Development Officer Mitch Robson. 

“Compared to when the program first started, the nights are a lot louder because there’s more conversation, there’s more laughing, there’s more frivolity and that to me is a huge indicator that people are having fun,” said Mr Robson. The program itself came from humble beginnings, with a chess tournament held at the Hub last year and orchestrated by Mr Robson and Huon Valley Councillor Rob Prince showing a clear enthusiasm for chess and other board games. 

“It started as people wanting to come back to the Hub to play chess after the tournament and progressively, more young people came just wanting to hang out,” explained Mr Robson.