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1300 abuzz in online record

1300 abuzz in online record

Image: From left, Jennifer Mudge, Lisa Britzman and Jocelyn Saunders in their world record attempt for "The Most Photos of Women+ Beekeeping Uploaded in 24 Hours". (PS Marta Ng)

Some Huon Valley women were a part of beekeeping world history in January as part of a fundraising effort for charity.

Tasmanians Anita Long and Jenni McLeod were organisers of the event and are also founders of Sister Hives Australia, an organisation pioneering the future of women in international beekeeping.

"We work to address the issues that stop more women entering the beekeeping industry," said Jenny and Anita. 

"Beekeeping is deeply healing, you must be calm and in flow. 

"We want to make it as accessible for as many women as possible."

Jocelyn Saunders immediately jumped at the opportunity Sister Hives provided.

After moving to the Valley three years ago and aiming to build both a home and lifestyle in Cradoc that was attuned to its environment, Jocelyn naturally gravitated towards beekeeping.

"Beekeeping was always in the back of my mind as we replanted the block with ingenious natives and built the vegetable patch," explained Jocelyn. 

"Having beehives always seemed to be a natural extension of life here."


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