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"Honest and unscripted" - salmon Q&A

Salmon Tasmania has recently launched a video series aimed at raising awareness of the realities of the salmon farming industry, with mixed response to its release on social media.

The series, entitled TASSIE, we need to talk salmon!, has appeared on all of Salmon Tasmania’snsocial media sites, with business representatives of the industry body, Tassal, Huon Aquaculture and Petuna, included in the video.

The videos follow interviews with salmon farm workers who answer common questions and misconceptions of the industry in an “honest and unscripted” way.

Director of Communications for Salmon Tasmania Stuart Harris said that Salmon Tasmania is “really excited” to take a different approach in dealing with misinformation around the salmon farming industry.

“False stories and incorrect information have been seeded in the community for a long time, so we needed a fun and light-hearted way to engage in a very serious conversation,” Mr Harris stated.


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