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Spreading along the roadside

While many drive along the Huon Valley’s roadside, little attention is paid to what is growing on the sides of its roads.

An insidious spread is taking place throughout the Valley, and complication in legislation may make it difficult to control.

Roadside weeds are beginning to take root in gullies around the municipality and some landowners are witnessing its spread from roadside to properties.

One such landowner is Stuart Scott, who has seen firsthand the spread onto private land and nearby forests.

“Council are in a “wicked” policy situation as the issue is contested,” Mr Scott explained.

“Unfortunately, there is a high level of ignorance in both Council and the community about the particular problems associated with declared weeds such as Spanish heath, gorse and broom.”

Mr Scott has said that areas like the Huon Highway roadside between Vinces Saddle and Leslie Vale and North Huon Road from Judbury show the spread of weeds, and that one council practice in particular is to blame: roadside slashing.


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