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Bike in Bloom

The 'Bike in Bloom' project is a fantastic example of how repurposing metal waste in a creative way can engage with the community and promote sustainability along the Geeveston to Port Huon Walking Track.

It's heartening to see a small and local business taking the initiative to transform discarded materials into something both aesthetically pleasing and functional, in this case, a landscape section from their private land to install a sign for the Geeveston-Port Huon Walking Track, that goes along from Brownell Street with Huon Highway in Geeveston.

The project not only adds a unique and artistic touch to the landscape but also serves a practical purpose by providing signage for the walking track.

It's a great way to enhance the connection between pedestrians and the area, making it more accessible and appealing to the community and visitors.

The involvement of The Reuse Shed, specializing in metal waste collection and recycling, is a testament to the importance of collaboration in promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste.

Their initiative to improve the walking track and contribute to the community is commendable.

The Geeveston-Port Huon Walking Track sounds enticing, with its natural habitat, wetland boardwalk, and scenic views.

It serves as not only a means of transportation but also an opportunity for residents and visitors to connect with the surrounding environment and local landmarks.

The Huon Council's Community Grant Program supported the project, this support not only encourages small businesses and local governments to collaborate but also reinforces the importance of promoting sustainability in an engaging and empathetic way that resonates with the community and the planet.


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