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Cygnet Cares Lantern Parade 2024

Cygnet Cares Lantern Parade 2024

What a sight it was to see hundreds of brightly coloured lanterns reflected across the water of Port Cygnet on Saturday night.

About 800 people came out on a crisp full moon to be part of the spectacle.

The parade followed the path along the waterside, across the footbridge and into Burtons Reserve.

The new layout for the performance space was a success.

Volunteers had strung coloured bunting and light from long bush poles to surround a circular carpeted stage.

The result was an amphitheatre of spectators with great view of fire twirlers, dancers and jugglers, and a backdrop of smiling faces in the crowd around the circle.

This comment wrapped it up - "I had one particular moment when around the performance circle, I had this feeling of really belonging within a community. And I realised I don't remember ever feeling that before. So that says heaps for me about the overall inclusion and valuing of everyone together, through how it was all put together. A really wonderful evening, and my children just loved it all. Thankyou:) "

Huon Valley Council funded workshops in lantern making, dance, singing and shadow puppetry.

These added to the smorgasbord of performances by the community - for the community.

After the crowd assembled from the parade a community choir burst into song around the circle.

Children performed shadow puppet dramas with handmade puppets.

Christian and his kids entertained with a juggling comedy routine, and CJ wowed with her fire staff.

Risa and her young dancers showed off their moves, and the workshop singers finished the show with songs about the winter solstice and moving into longer warmer days.

The performers ranged from pre-schoolers braving the stage for the first time through to community elders.

It was a loving space, warmed by six fires around the circle.

Spontaneous dancing continued in the circle until it was time to pack up and say goodbye to the Lantern Parade until next year.

"Hurruh for a gloriously successful Lantern Parade," said choir leader, Rose Wilson.

"It was a beautiful thing."


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