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Remembering Black Tuesday

Remembering Black Tuesday

Image: Frank Hall surveys the remains of his apple packing shed, which was gutted in a few minutes by the fire at Southport. In the 56 years after the catastrophic bushfires of 1967, the Huon Valley News remembers the reporting and capturing of history during this period. On Tuesday, February 7, 1967, the Black Tuesday bushfires swept through southern Tasmania, with high temperatures,...
The new face of the dairy industry

The new face of the dairy industry

Image: A Normande cow is part of the heritage breeds raised at Bruny Island Cheese Company’s Glen Huon Dairy Farm with animal welfare and deliberate farming in mind. Bruny Island Cheese Company’s latest product aims to show the focus on sustainability and ethical dairies for the business. Its newest addition to its online store, the Beef Box, provides a great insight into the farm’s work...
#11 Project on the market

#11 Project on the market

Image: Ryan Wiggins, centre, attended the open home, accompanied by Kyron Rathbone, left, and Louise Calvert. After over a year of hard work fundraising, building, landscaping and volunteering, the #11 Project House has finally been put on the market, with the local community invited to the open home on Saturday, February 4. A home made up of almost entirely donated materials and...

Spreading along the roadside

While many drive along the Huon Valley’s roadside, little attention is paid to what is growing on the sides of its roads. An insidious spread is taking place throughout the Valley, and complication in legislation may make it difficult to control. Roadside weeds are beginning to take root in gullies around the municipality and some landowners are witnessing its spread from roadside to...
Two sides of history

Two sides of history

Image: Copies of historical records found by Southport resident Rodney Strong show the extent of the area and land’s growth. “Southport was a thriving hub for Tasmania - almost the biggest town in the state - and I want people to know that,” said Southport resident Rodney Strong. A long-time resident and descendant of family from the Southport area, Mr Strong has seen the ebbs and flows...

"Honest and unscripted" - salmon Q&A

Salmon Tasmania has recently launched a video series aimed at raising awareness of the realities of the salmon farming industry, with mixed response to its release on social media. The series, entitled TASSIE, we need to talk salmon!, has appeared on all of Salmon Tasmania’snsocial media sites, with business representatives of the industry body, Tassal, Huon Aquaculture and Petuna, included in...

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