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Spreading along the roadside

While many drive along the Huon Valley’s roadside, little attention is paid to what is growing on the sides of its roads. An insidious spread is taking place throughout the Valley, and complication in legislation may make it difficult to control. Roadside weeds are beginning to take root in gullies around the municipality and some landowners are witnessing its spread from roadside to...
Two sides of history

Two sides of history

Image: Copies of historical records found by Southport resident Rodney Strong show the extent of the area and land’s growth. “Southport was a thriving hub for Tasmania - almost the biggest town in the state - and I want people to know that,” said Southport resident Rodney Strong. A long-time resident and descendant of family from the Southport area, Mr Strong has seen the ebbs and flows...

"Honest and unscripted" - salmon Q&A

Salmon Tasmania has recently launched a video series aimed at raising awareness of the realities of the salmon farming industry, with mixed response to its release on social media. The series, entitled TASSIE, we need to talk salmon!, has appeared on all of Salmon Tasmania’snsocial media sites, with business representatives of the industry body, Tassal, Huon Aquaculture and Petuna, included in...
1300 abuzz in online record

1300 abuzz in online record

Image: From left, Jennifer Mudge, Lisa Britzman and Jocelyn Saunders in their world record attempt for "The Most Photos of Women+ Beekeeping Uploaded in 24 Hours". (PS Marta Ng) Some Huon Valley women were a part of beekeeping world history in January as part of a fundraising effort for charity. Tasmanians Anita Long and Jenni McLeod were organisers of the event and are also founders of Sister...
Wine Machine in the Valley

Wine Machine in the Valley

Picturesque event Wine Machine is set to return this year in flourishing, flavoursome form, making a splash in the Huon Valley on Saturday, January 14 for a decadent day of picnics and parties. In what is promised to be a “garden party by day and fun fiesta by night”, Wine Machine will take place in the Valley’s very own Home Hill Winery with a craftily curated line-up to provide a superb...

Pharmacies to do more, or can they?

A review is currently underway by the Tasmanian Government to identify opportunities to expand the healthcare service offerings of pharmacies in Tasmania. Premier and Minister for Health Jeremy Rockliff announced in late December that a review was formerly being conducted by KPMG into pharmacists’ scope of practice. “The Government has committed to working with pharmacy and medical...

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