L&S Doyle Excavation & Cartage Contractors

L&S Doyle Excavation & Cartage Contractors
Lindsay Doyle completed his apprenticeship as a motor mechanic for Hydro Tasmania, and upon finishing, he worked in Tullah and Tarraleah before returning to the Huon and purchasing a house in Port Huon in 1984.
Lindsay and Sally bought their first machine, a backhoe, September 1985, which he worked weekends and nights whilst still working at Goodyear Huonville.
His first job was clearing out the soda ash from what is now the Port Huon Sports Centre, in Port Huon.
Christmas 1985, a Mitsubishi 4 Ton excavator was purchased with the help of his mum and dad.
This was the first of its size in the Valley. He worked most weekends until he secured work on the Municipality of Huon.
He hasn’t looked back since.
Sally explained, “Many of the industries we first worked for have evolved over the years.”
“Some have gone, some have changed direction, but in general we still work for the same industries just in a different way.”
“In 1986 we started working for Forestry Tasmania,” Lindsay said.
“In 2001 we worked seven days a week helping with the construction of the Airwalk, then in 2004 our son Jason started a Civil Construction Certificate.”
“At this time we were working for Forestry Tasmania and they assisted in Jason’s training as they did with many young operators in the Huon Valley.”
Lindsay went on to say, “My dad, Graeme, has worked for our company part time since retiring from the aquaculture industry, assisting mainly with truck driving for Forestry Tasmania.”
“In our 33 years of business we have worked and met some amazing people and are very grateful for that.”
“Today we work for all different industries, TasNetworks, Stornoway, the aquaculture industry, orchardists, builders and private customers,” said Sally.
“We are very thankful that we still have three generations, as well as our nephew Mitch Doyle, working for us,” concluded Sally.
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