Having troubles with your computer?

Having troubles with your computer?
Look no further.
David Moore of I Hate My PC has been in the computer game since 1985 and built his first computer from a kit in 1981, a Dick Smith Super 80.
With that kind of history you know his advice is based on a lot of personal experience (some of it painful).
In addition to that, David's done just about every job in the IT game that you can imagine.
Large, small, simple, complex, programmer, analyst, technician, tester, consultant, technical writer and everything else in-between and around about.
David specialises in personalised computer help and technology support. 
That includes, but is not limited to, computers, TVs, smart phones, devices, software, social media, networks, buying advice, migration advice etc. 
David also provides loads of free advice, security alerts and amusing technical information on his blog. 
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David Moore - I Hate My PC
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