Computers and FunnieS at Frank's

Computers and FunnieS at Frank's
David Moore has not only been in the computer game for over 36 years, he also runs FunnieS at Frank's.
David's business name is a joke. Most people get it.
"Often the first thing I hear on a call from a new customer is them laughingly shouting "I Hate My PC" down the phone," said David. "I like that."
"So, it was natural for me to sponsor and run FunnieS at Frank's."
The next FunnieS is June the 3rd with Richard "Stubbsy" Stubbs headlining.
"Stubbsy is supported by Gavin Baskerville and Ben Richardson...and hosted by me, David Moore."
Richard Stubbs is best remembered from his years filling in for Steve
Vizard hosting Tonight Live and his stand-up appearances on The Midday Show, Hey, Hey It's Saturday and The Big Gig.
Richard's hugely successful radio career includes many years on the airwaves at Triple M and ABC.
Richard's most recent success was his Melbourne International Comedy Festival show "In Full Flight".
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And, if your computer is the joke, I Hate My PC can help
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