Excavation & Cartage Contractors

Excavation & Cartage Contractors
L&S Doyle Pty Ltd
Excavation & Cartage Contractors
"As a small operator we value our work from large and small businesses as well as individuals in our region, from Forestry and Aquaculture, to road access, house sites and vegetation clearing," said Lindsay Doyle, owner and operator.
"We work with our customers to make sure they comply with council regulations in their area."
L&S Doyle Pty Ltd can provide boundary easements for fencing and powerlines, fire breaks and are TasNetworks licenced to clear undergrowth from beneath power lines.
Any flammable undergrowth can be reduced to mulch similar to pine bark after the hazard reduction team has gone through the area.
Gorse, blackberries and undergrowth up to 200 millimetres in diameter are no problem at all.

Phone Lindsay on 0418 397 585 to discuss.