A Tender Loving Cattery, where your cat is king!

A Tender Loving Cattery, where your cat is king!
Established in 2003, the purpose-built cat boarding facility is located in Sandfly.
"Our cat boarding facility ensures that no pet is isolated or left feeling uncared for.
"You will find cat boarding at its best, where, not only do we care for cats in an individual, secure and loving environment, but also families can holiday with peace of mind," said Rex Brereton, owner and operator of A Tender Loving Cattery.
Accommodation offered:
"We also have four larger units for multiple cat families and guests that are long term visitors," Rex added.
"All guests are provided with an array of bedding, from baskets to dome cat beds or sheepskins.
Some heat pads for the elderly are available, if required.
"You are welcome to bring puss's own bed, blanket and toys. Although we try to contain these to their unit, especially toys, everything must be named to ensure its safe return home," Rex concluded.