Landscaping and more

Landscaping and more
Huon Dingo Hire (HDH) is a Tasmanian, locally owned, family business based in the Huon Valley.
They can help you with your tough backyard jobs and landscaping needs!
They are a full contracting service with a K9-3 AWD Dingo for hire.
HDH has a range of attachments including a trencher, augers, a 4 in 1 bucket, leveller, cement mixer and rotary hoe.
Dry hire is also available with onsite training (previous experience preferred).
HDH offer free quotes and deliver to the Huon and southern regions, including Hobart areas.
"I have over 20 years' experience in farming, agriculture and horticulture. In more recent years I have put my skills to use within the landscaping industry and I am passionate about helping people change their backyard into something practical, they can admire, use and enjoy with the whole family," said Sam Calvert.
Huon Dingo Hire is perfect for those small backyard jobs with limited access.
Whether it's a small garden bed, a new driveway or you need holes dug for a fence, HDH can work with you to get the desired outcome you require.
Services include:
Fencing/post hole digging 
Garden beds
Yard building 
Artificial turfs 
Shed pad prep 
Driveway prep
Garden clean ups 
Narrow access sites 
Backyard golfing greens
Locally owned and operated in the Huon Valley
Contact Sam today for your FREE quote!
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