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Offering a reliable, sustainable source of firewood

Offering a reliable, sustainable source of firewood
RAM Firewood was founded in 2021 to help built a reliable, sustainable source of firewood for residents of the Huon and Channel areas.
Michael Reid cofounder went on to explain, "We were finding it harder to sources logs for our own needs, talking to friends and neighbours we found that we were not the only ones."
Concerns about where wood was sourced and a reliable (year in year out) supply were the key factors that were of the greatest concern.
After establishing a long-term commitment from a number of timber sources, the boys from RAM got to work.
Michael says that the investment in stockpile and processing equipment has been considerable, but they are committed to doing everything they can to make sure that the goal of year after year supply is maintained.
"We can't do anything about fuel prices and transport costs, however by buying in bulk and investing in state-of-the-art log processors, we are able to maximise the yields and keep prices reasonable for our customers."
RAM offers truck and ute delivery, along with pre bagged wood, ideal for smaller homes, camping trips and proving increasingly popular with AIR BnB operators.

Give Michael from RAM Firewood Merchants a call today on 0418 582 801.


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