Technology or your computer causing you concerns?

Technology or your computer causing you concerns?
David Moore of I Hate My PC has been in the computer game for over 33 years.
“The name of the business is a joke most people can relate to. 
“Everyone knows my business name before they even know it exists. 
“We all know that feeling,” said David.
David specialises in personalised computer help and technology support. Think computers, TVs, smart phones, devices, Internet of Things, software, social media, networks etc. 
I Hate My PC caters to the home and small to medium business market and is a mobile service.
“What makes I Hate My PC different is that I listen to your needs,” explained David.
The core operational principles are: 
* Honesty
* Punctuality
* Clear communication
* Follow through
* Empathy
* Customer oriented solutions
Contact David today if you are in need of help!
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