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Defeating MND, one step at a time

Defeating MND, one step at a time

Cousins Holly Townsend and Bethany Brett are taking part in the MND (Motor Neuron Disease) Association of Tasmania's fundraising event Walk to d'Feet MND on 15 October 2023, in what will be their fourth consecutive year attending.

The first year they attended, in 2019, they had put a group together with their Mother's Group called 'Mums for Marg' with the idea to attend with their little babies in their prams and walk together in support of their Nan who was fighting a very tough battle with MND.

"She wasn't well enough to attend, as much as we would have loved her to," Mrs Townsend said.

Margaret Woolley lived in the Valley all her life, calling Ranelagh home for the majority of her life.

She was diagnosed with MND in early 2019 and she passed away a few weeks before Christmas that same year.

"Her battle was very short, shorter than some, but it was something we wish she never had to go through," Mrs Townsend said.

"The sad reality is that around 50 people in Tasmania are currently fighting a battle they will never win.

"For a disease that is so rare, that is quite a high number for our State."

This year the Association is aiming to raise $35,000 for their event and it's Mrs Townsend and Brett's mission to raise $1,000 towards that overall goal.

These funds will be staying in Tasmania, supporting Tasmanians living with MND.

From incredible technology to allow them to continue to have conversations with their loved ones, even when the disease has taken their voice away to alterations to their home to accommodate wheelchair access along with support and therapy to support them.

"Personally, I feel that there isn't enough education for Australians and support for the MND community people don't understand how aggressive this disease is," Mrs Townsend said.

"It is important to Bethany and I to try and change that for our community and play a part in any way we can to support in honour of our Nan."

This year the duo have upped their fundraising and have the support of 13 local businesses standing strongly beside them to put together a raffle to raise money.

There are six prizes in total.


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