Available to help with gardening and rubbish removal

Available to help with gardening and rubbish removal
"Hi, my name is Michael and I am the owner and operator of The Casual Gardener service," said Michael Johns. 
"I have been casually gardening since the age of 12 when I began pulling weeds and mowing the lawns at the homes of my family and friends.
"Since then I have been, as the name suggests, casually gardening ever since. 
"The company started as a result of helping a friend with his business, and finding that the more I spoke to people, the more work became available.
"So, with a second hand mower, a light weight whipper snipper and a will to work, I set forth.
"Today I have a full collection of tools to assist my clients with 'doing the work you don't want to do or can't do'."
Michael is happy to travel between Southport to Hobart areas for all your gardening services and rubbish removal.

Give Michael a call today on 0400 337 020 if you have some work you would like help with.